Lisnavagh House Mandala Creative Visioning Retreat - February 2018 - Booking Deposit


Join me for a 2 night mandala creative visioning retreat at this unique and tranquil venue. The retreat takes place on the weekend of February 23-25 2018. During the weekend we will look back with gratitude on all you have accomplished in the past year. Perhaps you have accomplished a lot, perhaps you feel it is a little. Giving gratitude even from the smallest things is so very energetically powerful.

Mandala art is an energetic tool to free your expression and awaken your creativity and vision. Creating mandalas brings about a relaxed mental attitude and frees internal dialogue so that you can be in touch with your own inner self. On this retreat, we will be creating a personal mandala to embody all that you wish to manifest in the coming year. There is absolutely no need to be artistic to do this work, this is about process and I will guide you all the way.

Through our mandalas and meditations, we will look at various aspects of our 'selves' and come to realise that all we do is connected. Each section of our vision mandala will reflect an aspect of ourselves according to the Feng Shui principles:

Wealth & Abundance
Admiration & Reputation
Relationship & Love
Family & Stability
Children & Creativity
Skill & Wisdom
Career & Life Path
Travel & Helpful People

Working within a circle requires wholeness, it makes you look at the full picture. We begin to get a sense that all is connected, and indeed that all of these parts of our lives are inextricably linked. Helping one, will help the other and so on.
You will return to the outer world transformed, refreshed and rejuvenated and filled with new ideas and focus on where you want to go in your life.
From this retreat you will:
* Come away with a beautiful personalised vision mandala
* Reflect on the past year, your achievements, learning, and challenges
* Set an intention for the next year, name your vision and connect with your purpose
* Step into the next year with trust and faith in your dreams and desires
* Gain clarity first and foremost how you want to feel in your life, which in turn leads to what you want to manifest in the physical world.
* Enjoy reflective meditations to explore & create your vision
* Leave feeling prepared, empowered, motivated and inspired to create an amazing year ahead.
* Share, connect with like minded people, have fun and enjoy the creative process in a safe space.
* Feel energised and connected to yourself and your purpose

Marcus Aurelius quoted: “You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” When we truly get in touch with our true nature, we gain clarity; we are in total peace. Imagine you are sitting in the eye of hurricane, you feel the sense of peace, stillness and calmness. If you begin to move away from the centre, everything will fall back into chaos and distortion. And when you can get to the place of your true centre, you begin to gain true perception.

Without the pull of deadlines, relationships, the Internet, or other media, we can gift ourselves this time to tune in deeply to our own solitude where we can fully reflect on our joys, sorrows, and fears, owning and releasing them as needed.
We will come to know and understand our life path and what direction we want to follow more deeply. When we return home, we can bring with us a little piece of this time alone and perhaps create a space for deep contemplation and meditation on a daily basis. We can also come back to our lives renewed, refreshed and ready to take on the world. For more information see the retreat section on the main website